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Hassle-Free Magnetic Signs and Labels

Cost-Efficient and Reusable

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your brand, or a practical system of organizing and marking your shelves and inventories, FXG Sign and Label LLC’s magnetic signs and labels provide you a hassle-free solution.
Reusable and convenient, magnetic signs and labels do not only create a huge impression, they can also be removed, transferred, or reused anytime. Call us at 717-590-7402.

Our Line of Magnetic Signs and Labels

  • Barcoded Magnetic Label
  • Magnetic Rack Label
  • Magnetic Lift Label
  • Magnetic Vehicle Label
  • Magnetic Signage
  • Magnetic Door Signage
  • Magnetic Endcap Sign
  • Indoor and Outdoor Magnetic Signage
  • Cold Temperature Magnetic Label